What Is Crystal Infusion Therapy?

What is it?
Adding crystals to our products gives them that enhanced boost of healing energy. Each crystal has its own unique high vibrating properties that can be infused to benefit our mind, body, and souls. Crystals were used back in the ancient time for grounding, healing, and meditation.

Crystal Elixirs or Gem Waters
Firstly, we ensure that our crystals are 100% pure with no added fillers. We clean and clear them before placing them in distilled water to charge by the moon at night and also by the sun as we rise. It’s a known fact that water has very flexible and nurturing characteristics. Therefore, it’s able to absorb, connect, provide and transform. By allowing the crystals to charge the water magnified by 10 with the full moon and sun, the water takes on the healing properties of the crystals. That process of alchemy allows us to use those elixirs in our products.

Indirect Crystal Infusion Method
We use the indirectly infusion method with our Detox line. The tourmaline is indirectly infused in the water by not directly being immersed in it. We sit the crystal in a separate glass then sit that entire glass in the distilled water. After, the same process of infusion follows as the other Elixirs.

Crystal Powders
We use smooth finely crushed crystal powders in our Sacred Intention Collection Products. The powders are 100% genuine and pure.

Crystals we use in our Products:

      Clear Quartz
      Rose Quartz
      Blue Lace Agate

      Red Jasper
      Smoky Quartz
      Black Tourmaline


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