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In 2009, my son was born with allergies and eczema. I immediately knew it was because of my diet while I was pregnant since ice cream and paydays were my go to on occasion. His pediatrician recommended many store bought thick creams that should help his skin along with removing certain foods. My husband and I decided to do exactly what was suggested but the eczema still surfaced even months later.

Meanwhile, I decided to detox my body with plant based foods since I felt my diet contributed to my son’s allergies. Then the light bulb went off in my head! I also had to detox my skin! It was time for an internal and external cleanse. A friend of mine was always up for a good challenge so she decided to start this cleanse with me. We motivated one another and decided to start making our own products! I started researching all natural products for the body and gained more than enough knowledge to create the recipes!

I then started using my very own all natural soap and body butters on my son. His eczema cleared up within days and remained dormant for years. That is when I realized I had to share this healing information with other family and friends that had sensitive skin or just wanted to eliminate harsh chemicals from their bodies.


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