Red Jasper•Carnelian•Citrine Necklace



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This trio is wrapped in copper wire and has a 20 inch chain. It has been cleaned, cleared and reiki charged. A card will be included listing its metaphysical properties and energies.

Pendant height:

2.5 inch

Pendant weight:

1.5 oz

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Red Jasper is associated with the root chakra. It connects one with the Earth as it has very grounding energy, it supports a healthy strong foundation, boosts energy and strength while providing comfort.

Carnelian is associated with the sacral chakra. The stone of action! It promotes creativity and enhances concentration. Inspires motivation, drive, focus & success. Balances emotions & inner conflict while bringing joy, warmth and passion. Can also balance sexual energy & desires.

Citrine is associated with the solar plexus. It promotes positive self expression, confidence, self worth, and motivation. Helps to reduce any negative thoughts, fears, and depression. Since it carries the energies of the sun, it can lift your spirits with optimism, joy, positivity, and cheer. It’s also a great stone to carry for abundance.

Wire wrapped in copper, each pendant is different from the next as I hand wrap them all in a unique way.

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Weight 1.1 oz


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