Peaceful Aura Soap Bar

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To relax, soothe and purify with a reminder to nurture thyself.

Scent Blend & Botanicals:

Lavender, Peppermint, and Geranium essential oil blend. Chamomile powder, alkanet powder as a natural colorant.


Saponified oils of avocado, coconut, palm, shea butter and sweet almond.

Crystal Infused:

Amethyst Powder

Reiki Infused:


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Lavender promotes peaceful feelings, relaxation and tranquility. Peppermint has a cooling affect on the skin that is calming. Geranium will give the skin a radiant and flawless appearance. Amethyst is a purple crystal that brings peace and calm. It will remove any distractions that get in the way of ones healing. It was worn in ancient times as a protection stone and one that prevents overindulgence. It is associated with the Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra and beyond. It aids in sleep and assists one in remembering their dreams and intuition. Its a very relaxing and beautiful stone that attracts positivity. It is part of the Quartz family. Applied to the skin, it will help with blood circulation. As blood circulation increases so does oxygen to the skins cells which restores balance.

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1 review for Peaceful Aura Soap Bar

  1. Kendra J.

    My go to after a long 8-4 work day. This soap paired with the matching sugar scrub…OMG!!!!!!!!!! It feels like Im in my own little world of peace. Its so very relaxing to the point my showers feel like Ive just taken a long relaxing bath.

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