Detox Soap Bar

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To help rid skin of toxins, impurities, & irritation. Re-energizes.


Saponified oils of avocado, coconut, palm, shea butter and sweet almond.

Scent Blend & Botanicals:

Tea tree and Peppermint essential oil, and activated charcoal.

Crystal Infused:


Reiki Infused:


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Activated Charcoal absorbs toxins. It will draw out dirt, impurities, and bacteria from the skin. Our Detox Soap, scrubs, salts, and lotion contain this ingredient. It helps to unclog the pores which fights acne, it soothes bug bites, and has strong anti-fungal properties. Selenite Powder is a high vibrating crystal that will detox the body and improve the tone of skin by healing the cells in the body. It also enhances skin elasticity. Tea tree essential oil is a purifier.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz

How To Use

Be on the lookout for your stone when the bar minimizes in size over time.

1 review for Detox Soap Bar

  1. Kendra J.

    Ive been waiting to leave a comment until after Id been using this soap for over a month. Its another favorite of mine. This soap right here cleared my face up after using it twice. And its refreshing with a slight tingle from the peppermint. Face never feels tight or dry after using. A must have! Wish I could just get it shipped every month automatically…

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