Cool Cat Mens Soap


This soap is infused with bentonite clay which makes the hair stand up and allows for a great slip when shaving. This soap blend is not just limited to shaving as it can be used to cleanse the entire body.


To cleanse, promote healthy hair and moisturized skin.


Saponified oils of avocado, coconut, shea butter, palm, and sweet almond.

Scent Blend & Botanicals:

Bergamot, oakmoss, tea tree and patchouli.

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Our mens line was inspired by the boldness and strength of the cool male lion and his wildly moisturized mane. This soap was originally made as a shaving soap but we have perfected it to be an all in one body soap as well. It quickly became a favorite of our male customers with or without a beard.

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Weight 5 oz


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