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Amethyst Necklace


This Amethyst pendant is wrapped in copper wire and has an adjustable black cotton cord. It has been cleansed & reiki charged. A card will be included listing its metaphysical properties and energies.

Pendant height:

0.7 inch

Pendant width:

1 inch

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Amethyst is associated with the Crown and 3rd Eye Chakras.


•Enhances peace & relaxation.
•Can provide relief from stress & anxiety.
•Blocks & protects from negative energies physically & spiritually.
•Associated with the crown & third eye chakras.
•Great stone to meditate with.
•Activates spiritual clarity & awareness

Caring for your Crystal Jewels

How often do I cleanse and recharge my crystal jewels? If worn daily, cleanse as often as everyday to weekly.

Cleansing Options:
Smudging – To remove any absorbed, stored, or stagnant energy one can smudge with sage.

Full Moonlight – overnight in the window seal or place directly outside preferable on a natural surface.

Charging Options: After cleansing, place in the sunlight (window seal or directly outside). Can also charge Amethyst in the light of the full moon.

Set your intentions:
Use an affirmation that resonates with you. Hold the Jewels close to you, say your affirmations over them & give gratitude as if those intentions are already present with no second thoughts about it. So it is …done, done, done!

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Weight 1.1 oz


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